Acid treatment is relatively older technique of removing a lesion from human body. It dissolve and burn the tissue in order to treat genital or anal warts.
Trichloroacetic Acid is Analogue of Acetic acid.
They make this Acid by chemical reaction between Acetic acid and Chlorine.

Acetic Acid is what also known as Vinegar, the reaction as follow:

CH3COOH+3Cl2 ----> CCL3COOH + 3HCL
It also been used in Chemical Peel. It kills the cell so the amount and the concentration of application has to be carefully chosen. It is also in liquid form and it spells on the treatment area so the clinician has to be extremely careful for handling and application of this substance.

  • Cost: Inexpensive
  • Skill: Relatively low, However self treatment is prohibited. This has to be applied by doctor
  • Cosmetic: Relatively well for smaller warts

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