Most patients with HPV are anxious about the cosmetic aspect of their genital warts. No one wants to live with disfiguring growths, especially on his or her genitalia, and many patients worry about explaining their genital warts to new partners. Genital warts are noticeable and not avoidable during intimacy, so patients sometimes resort to drastic measures to rid themselves of their warts. This is where cosmetic damage often occurs. When patients seek treatment, all they are thinking about is the removal of the unsightly warts and they often do not take possible undesirable cosmetic outcome into consideration. If a physician does not have the cosmetic skills necessary, there is risk of permanent damage to the skin.


Scarring is a possibility with any surgery or growth removal. Humans are born with intact skin and with age and injury, visible and invisible marks are inflicted. In the case of genital warts treatment, the virus causes unsightly growths and then scarring often results from treatment.

Changes in Pigmentation

Skin contains cells called melanocytes that produce its pigmentation (color). Inflammation of the skin due to any type of treatment such as freezing, acid, laser, etc., may result in postinflammatory hypopigmentation (decrease in the production of pigment making the skin look lighter) or hyperpigmentation (increase in the production of pigment making the skin look darker).


Why We Are Different

You might not realize the importance of your genital appearance until you inflict damage. When patient goes to the doctor for treatment of his genital warts all he cares is removal of those unsightly warts and what he/she does not realized is possibility of undesirable cosmetic outcome. If Physician does not have the cosmetic skill then you will risk the permanent undesirable effect on your genital. If warts removal procedure being unsuccessful as well then you will have both warts and scar.

Scar,  The Worst Nightmare
It is part of any surgery or any possible removal. We born with intact skin and we inflict numerous visible and invisible mark over years as we grow up. Any disarrangement or growth we develop will create mark on our skin.
In case of Genital warts treatment this would be  little more complicated because we are dealing with the virus which is responsible of skin disarrangement and ugly growth itself, now in addition if we create scar mixed with HPV then the combination would be recipe for disaster.

There are certain cells in skin called melanocytes. These cells are responsible for producing  pigment on skin and that is how the color of our skin is created.
If there is any inflammation in skin due to any type of treatment such as freezing, acid , laser,... then we may get post inflammatory Hypopigmentation or Hyperpigmentation.

Decrease the production of the pigment on area . Treatment area looks lighter.

Increase the production of the pigment on area . Treatment area looks darker.

Dr. Arani's Method and Cosmetic
From initial part of treatment to last part which is healing stage what would be in our perspective is “cosmetic” . Of course, removal with success is our primary vision however, The area should look nice and appealing as well. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease and we understand the psychological aspect of this disfiguring infection. We always keep the cosmetic of genitalia in mind while treating these difficult lesions.




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