They come in different shape such as raised, flat, big and small. Many patient have these growth for months and years and they might not even know it.

This become alarming when patients see multiple lesion and start thinking that they are facing ongoing and spreading disease before seeking medical attention.

Many lesion occur in male or female genital that could be easily mistaken by genital warts. I have seen many patients in the past that getting  treated for genital warts with significant scar associated with various type of the treatment that had no HPV warts to begin with. If patient gets labeled with HPV warts then he/she will carry the diagnosis from one doctor to another and all will follow the path of continuity of the care till and experience physician evaluate the patient along this path to change the diagnosis and obviously treatment course. In other words, not every growth is genital warts by HPV.

I have received numerous requests by patients asking that I explain genital warts’s presentation on human skin so I have created this page supported with actual pictures of the disease. Genital warts is a sexually transmitted disease that needs to be diagnosed by an experience medical doctor. These pictures are solely for information on how genital warts may look and not to be used for self-diagnosis. It is imperative that you see your physician for an examination.


Do I Have Genital Warts ?

Genital warts is a sexually transmitted infection that needs to be diagnosed by an experienced physician. Our practice has treated numerous patients with genital warts over the years and we have large, valuable pool of high-quality pictures that have been posted to our website for educational purposes. These examples are not meant for use of self-diagnosis; they are solely meant to provide ary.
information on the varieties and possible appearances of genital warts. These images are appropriate for self-education, but physical examination by an experienced physician is necess.


First: Condyloma Acuminata is the medical terminology for genital warts, so we use this name on this page to explain genital warts.

Condyloma could happen in different part of human body:

Lower abdomen and pubic Vaginal area Mouth
Urethral Anal and perianal Penile and...etc

2- It could be as small as a 1 millimeter or as big as 5-10 inches


3- It comes in different color , dark , light , red , brown ,white etc

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4- It could be flat or raised


5-It could be one or could be hundreds


6-It could grow long or grow laterally


Walk in Today for Your Genital warts Treatment

If you are suspicious of having genital warts:

Consult with an experience physician, see your doctor , confirm your diagnosis.

Life is filled with beauty and darkness. We fight to win, sometimes victorious and sometimes not, but the point is that we get up and fight again learn a life time experience and put it behind us. However, as human we go to fight to win and not to lose and that is why we stop fighting if there is no chance of wining at all.

If you want to win then you need to have the right tools and preparation. You need all your strength and you must have excellent knowledge of your enemy's behavior. Genital warts are product of the virus which work from your own body cells. First, you need your immune system as strong as it can be.

If you are worried or depressed then your immune system may weaken. Get educated and read about your condition.

I have tried to cover all the aspect of genital warts and give you detailed information from my clinical experience.

The more you read, the more prepared you are. Do not scratch or manipulate your warts. Do not smoke.

Do not use any over the counter remedies such as non-prescription creams, gels, sprays which could stimulate the viral shedding and worsening of your condition. Do not shave the area with blade. Try hair clipper with protective shield instead.

Do not use over the counter anti itching medicine such as hydrocortisone. Keep a close eye on the effected areas.

If your previous removal techniques have failed over and over then you might need to give it a second thought and a different approach, but do not lose hope. Ask your doctor all the question that you may have. Ask about the pathophysiology of HPV wart, treatment outcome, success rates, cosmetics, before and after pictures, healing time, possible adverse effect of treatment, doctor's experience of treating genital warts and what do you need to do to protect yourself etc.

Before & After Pictures  

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