Following is just example of many expert input of Dr. Arani in news media and networks . Please note that none of the following presentation was paid or advertisement. Dr. Arani was chosen because of his expertise. He continue receives requests from different network. In many occasion News media anchors and reporters call Dr. Arani to get educated on the topic that they need to discuss on air.


BET, Dr. Arani presented in this network for HIV test and performing HIV test for “Down Low” program show, Counseling and performing skill for testing individual whom her husband being unfaithful to him with another men.


NBC: Dr. Arani gives expert input on rising gonorrhea in California, strategies, solution and management in depth.


Telemundo :Dr. Arani gives expert input for HPV vaccines and Human Papillomavirus infection, prevention method and techniques. The effectiveness of HPV.


Foxnews: Dr. Arani gives expert input of rising STDs in United States.


LACity View Ch 35: On Training of poor and disadvantaged teens in community.


Style Network: Reality show on prevention of vaccination and prevention of infectious disease of “Married Away”

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