HPV in Pregnancy:
HPV in pregnancy is important issue to be address. Pregnancy place significant amount of stress on woman body as far as physical and emotional which could lead to facilitate viral replication and development of Genital/ Anal warts. I have seen many patients in my office being married for years and monogamous and they present with Genital warts in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. They most likely have carried  HPV as silent infection in their bodies for years and they become symptomatic after becoming pregnant .

Obstetrician must be very careful during delivery of the baby if mother has active HPV infection. Infected mother could pass HPV to her child during delivery and child develop Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP) or warts development on his / her skin . About 2000 children gets RRP per year .

Genital warts in Infant:
During delivery the skin of baby is thin and sensitive, there is significant friction involve and possible bleeding during live birth.

They all contributed to facilitate that newborn skin gets infected with HPV. Although It calls genital warts ,however, it could infect other part of the body. As it takes time that wart to develop then unfortunately you won’t  know at time of delivery if your newborn's skin is infected as it takes weeks to months that the manifestation appears.
The last thing parents wants to have is a newborn with HPV infected skin, so be careful and discuss your medical history with your doctor for planning of delivery method.

Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis:
It is development of tumor in the air passages which we call it respiratory tract. They come in different sizes and if involve in vocal chord cause voice changes and usually grow back even it gets removed.
Papilloma is benign tumor which gets created Usually by HPV 6 or 11.

RRP in Children:
It usually diagnosed before age of 5-10. It is common in children who were born vaginally by the mother who had condyloma acuminata ( genital warts).It usually involve in vocal chord and larynx but at times it will move down toward lower respiratory tract including lungs. Children present with weak cry,stridor,  swallowing difficulty, chronic cough.

Pregnancy, HPV, Depression and Anxiety:
As many women go under a lot of stress physically and emotionally by getting pregnant then one would imagine the thought of having HPV infection while being pregnant would significantly increase the anxiety. Many questions would rise such as safety of the baby and feeling guilty of carrying a sexually transmitted disease.
Every mother wants to give birth to healthy child. I always suggest that a woman should go under screening and evaluation by her OB/GYN physician before planning for pregnancy. If she has HPV warts then must proceed with treatment before planning for pregnancy. HPV treatment while being pregnant is not as easy. Some of the treatment option will not be possible during pregnancy due to harm to pregnancy.




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