There are many of these available online.We mostly know of these products through our patients and their unpleasant experiences. These products cause adverse and undesirable effects. They irritate and stimulate viral shedding which would increase the number of warts. Scars, loss of skin, and increasing size of warts are very common as well. If this happens then returning the product ("100% guaranteed") will not fix the damage and your real loss is your health - not your money. Be careful especially when it comes to your sensitive genital organ.

There is no over the counter FDA approved product (such as freezing devices, adhesives, chemicals) remedies for genital warts. We strongly advise against these applications. You will risk the worsening of your condition and facing giant grape/cauliflower shape genital warts or an increasing number of them in a short period of time. HPV genital warts and Molluscum are infectious medical conditions and they need to be treated by an experienced Physician only.

Certain Freezing away products are available  for plantar and common warts and absolutely not for genital warts. It may damages genital skin and may worsen your HPV genital warts and its transmission. TCA or other acids will kill your cells (It is not for self treatment), we recommend that you do not apply marketed acidic product on your body for possible irreversible damages.

According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
“Be Suspicious"

Promoters of fraudulent health-care products often use similar claims and practices to lure consumers into buying their goods. The FTC and FDA advise consumers to be suspicious of:
Claims that the product is "natural" or "non-toxic," suggesting it does not have side effects. "Natural" or "non-toxic" does not necessarily mean safe. Some "natural" supplements contain potent stimulants; others can result in negative interactions with medicines. Testimonials from people who claim amazing results. Testimonials often are undocumented and are not a substitute for scientific proof.

Claims that a product is a "scientific breakthrough," "miraculous cure," "secret ingredient" or"ancient remedy."Claims that the product is an effective cure for a wide range of ailments. Claims that use impressive-sounding medical terms. Claims that the product is available from only one source, and payment is required in advance. Claims of a "money-back" guarantee. Web sites that fail to list the company's name, physical address, phone number or other contact information.”
How to spot health fraud:

Example of warning letter for Silver product                                                                                                           

Examples of adverse reaction with self treatment , Internet remedies and cream application



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