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'Warning against internet "natural" remedies, oil, cream, non perscription applications (non-fda). They could increase & worsen the patient condition by irritation & viral shedding. Do not purchase nor apply Non-FDA approved cream or oil. This will worsen your genital warts .






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 It stands for Human Papilloma Virus. Many HPV has been recognized to this date . Each of them has location preference means they have specific affinity to certain part of the body and It is considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is responsible for genital and anal warts. There is no FDA approved HPV test for malesto this date. After the eradication of warts there is no way to determine if a patient is HPV free nor is there a way to guarantee the removal of the virus. In other words, an experienced clinician may destroy and treat specific genital warts in one or more attempts but he or she can not assure that the patient will not get new warts some place else. The behavior of this virus depends on many variables such as the strength of a patient's immune system, whether or not the patient is a smoker, or the level of aggression of his or her HPV. We will address all these issues on your visit.


What Are Genital Warts ? 

Dr. S. Arani Lecture on Human Pappiloma Virus Pathophysiology

Genital warts are stubborn sexually transmitted disease and that don't go away as easily as other skin condition. We have treated thousands of People in the past with a high success rate and excellent outcome. It demands clinical experience and skill. We take them off your body individually. Dr. ARANI, M.D.


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For Anogenital warts treatment. We primarily specialize in and focus on treating HPV genital warts and other STD-related conditions. We don't treat other skin conditions such as moles or skin tags. Most of our patients can be treated in only 1 session on the same day with our innovative technique. MEET THE DOCTOR





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Warning Against "Laser wart Removal"

We have seen numerous cases of patients who were victims of genital warts laser treatment. Laser instrument might be effective and FDA approved for hair removal, acne, taoo and skin tag removal, etc but might not as in HPV which is a highly infectious sexually transmitted disease.



Visible genital warts usually are caused by HPV. HPV is a virus and the wart is the outcome, however, remember that not every growth in the genital area is a genital wart caused by HPV. It must be diagnosed by your medical doctor only. HPV is very common in sexually active men and women and can sometimes have serious health consequences. About 20 million Americans are currently infected, and about 5.5 million people become newly infected each year.The virus can infect the genital skin and the linings of the vagina, cervix, rectum, and urethra.

They come in different shape such as raised, flat, big and small. Many patient have these growth for months and years and they might not even know it. This become alarming when patients see multiple lesion and start thinking that they are facing ongoing and spreading disease before seeking medical attention.

Many lesion occur in male or female genital that could be easily mistaken by genital warts. I have seen many patients in the past that getting  treated for genital warts with significant scar associated with various type of the treatment that had no HPV warts to begin with. If patient gets labeled with HPV warts then he/she will carry the diagnosis from one doctor to another and all will follow the path of continuity of the care till and experience physician evaluate the patient along this path to change the diagnosis and obviously treatment course. In other words, not every growth is genital warts by HPV.

Do I Have Genital Warts ?

I I have seen numrous patients with false belief and mis self diagnosed of genital warts so I decided that I explain genital warts’s presentation on human skin. I have created this page supported with actual pictures of the disease. Genital warts is a sexually transmitted disease that needs to be diagnosed by an experience medical doctor. These pictures are solely for information on how genital warts may look and not to be used for self-diagnosis. It is imperative that you see your physician for an examination.img




Transmission :

Transmission of HPV occurs predominantly through sexual skin-to-skin contact. We have two different types of the skin on our bodies: keratinized skin (such as the skin on the hands, back, penile area, etc.) and non-keratinized skin (such as the skin covering the mouth, anus, internal lip of vulva, etc.), both of which are susceptible to HPV infection. As well, many patients are concerned about other ways of transmission such as through inanimate objects (clothing or environmental surfaces), the sharing of objects such as towels and dishes, and risks to other family members in the household. These are legitimate concerns that physicians address when evaluating and treating an individual for sexually transmitted diseases.

Diagnosis :

Genital warts is a sexually transmitted infection that needs to be diagnosed by an experienced physician. Many patients have these growth for months and years without even knowing they are there. They then become alarmed when they see multiple lesions and start thinking that they are facing ongoing and spreading disease, and seek medical attention. Many lesions that occur on the male or female genitalia can be easily mistaken by genital warts. I have seen many patients in the past who were treated for genital warts with significant scarring associated with various type of the treatments, and it turns out they had no HPV warts to begin with. When a patient is labeled with HPV warts, then he or she carries the diagnosis from one doctor to another and all follow the path of continuity of the care until an experienced physician evaluates the patient and changes the diagnosis and  treatment course. Not all growths on the genitals are genital warts by HPV.




Visible STD,  Genital Warts Psychology:

Many patients with genital warts struggle with anxiety, depression, or a feeling of guilt or uncleanliness. Most obsess about their genital warts for weeks, months, or even years as repetitive treatment proves to be a failure. Some fear their sexual partners will question them about their visible genital warts. Their obsession with overcoming this challenging battle may even drive them to try alternative, and often injurious, methods of treatment. Use of self-manipulation and destruction with sharp objects, freezing, home remedies, creams bought on the Internet, and various acid, tea tree oil, and silver compound applications is very common. As genital warts increase in intensity, size, and number, the feeling of failure continues to impact the patient’s psychological state. For this reason, removing the visible warts not only improves the patient’s physical state; it also improves the emotional state.

The first step to removing the psychological impact is to remove these visible STDs successfully.


HPV and Cancer:

One of the most problematic health conditions associated with HPV is cancer. HPV causes changes in the structure of infected cells and some of these changes can transform the cell to the point where it becomes cancerous. Almost all cervical cancers are associated with HPV, as are 50% of oral cancers, 65% of vaginal cancers, 35% of penile cancers, 95% of anal cancers, and about 60% of oropharyngeal cancers (cancers involving the throat, tongue, and the tonsils).




HPV and Other STDs:

 Whenever an individual is infected with one STD, there is likelihood that he or she may be infected with or at risk for infection with another. If genital warts are developed due to sexually-transmitted HPV, other STDs should also be taken into consideration, including those that may have delayed or no symptoms such as HIV. It is imperative that anyone who has had sexual relations with an infected or high-risk partner see a physician and be treated if necessary. Since testing is only a part of the diagnosis, the actual examination is the most important factor for STD evaluation, which is why seeing a health care provider with STD experience is so important. We have capability to test you for various STDs on the same day of your visit including same day test results, [CaliforniaSTD.com]. As we do the surgery to remove your warts our lab will then work on your specimen for STD detection. Your STD test results would be discussed by the time we have finished removing your genital warts. If there is any abnormal tests we would provide you with the treatment on the same day. Remember Genital warts are red flags for possibility of other hidden STDs. Get tested by your doctor. Please refer to following page for our STD department for further information about other STDs:


HPV Protection :

Although condom use is a must for those infected with HPV, it unfortunately does not provide full protection from genital warts. A condom provides protection only for the area it covers (above the base of the penis), leaving other areas such as the pubic area and scrotum susceptible to infection. Many male patients develop genital warts in the unprotected areas and the disease then spreads to the penile shaft. Likewise, women can be infected with HPV through a male with warts on the genital areas not covered by a condom. Even so, while the CDC reports that scientific evidence suggests the effect of condoms in preventing HPV infection is unknown, condom use has been associated with lower rates of HPV-associated diseases including gential warts and cervical cancer. This evidence is not sufficient enough to deem condoms a primary prevention strategy for HPV, but the indication that condom usage may reduce cervical cancer risk is certainly worth considering.

Treatment :

Life is filled with beauty and darkness. We fight to win, sometimes victoriously and other times not, but the point is that we get up and fight again, learn a lifetime experience and put it behind us. However, as humans we tend to stop fighting if there is no chance of winning. To win, it is necessary to have the right tools and preparation, including strength and knowledge of the enemy's behavior. Genital warts are the product of a virus that works from within the body’s cells; to battle it, the immune system must be as strong as possible. Worry or depression can weaken the immune system, which is one of the reasons why it is so important for patients to be educated about their condition; the more that is known, the better the chance to fight it

With regard to genital warts, each wart must be approached differently. There is no quick and easy treatment such as a pill that will eliminate them. Each wart must be examined individually and its features evaluated; how big it is, its thickness, its location, the color, whether it was previously treated, if it is associated with scarring, the rapidness of its growth, and the length of time it has been present must all be taken into consideration. One method of treatment does not fit all warts so it would not be appropriate for a treating clinician to treat all warts with liquid nitrogen without regard to the wart’s individual characteristics. Likewise, FDA-approved creams would not be the most optimal treatment for prominent warts and non-FDA-approved creams would never be recommended due to possible side effects, serious damage, and exacerbation of infection.

"One Time Treatment for Each individual Wart"  

We may have no control over new growths of genital warts in other areas, but our goal is to keep the population of genital warts at zero percent for certain period of time. If there are no "parental warts," then there is more chance that “offspring warts” will not develop. We can provide surgical destruction for what lesions we can see, but this is not possible with what we cannot see, so we map the skin and evaluate it thoroughly. I look at the area with a microscope, ensure that all warts are removed, and then hope for the best as far as new growths. I have frequently seen patients with multiple treatments of their warts who have had significant relapse rates. My main objective is to treat genital warts with no relapses on the same wart at the treatment site. Although there is no 100% guaranteed with any type of surgery, the first shot at treatment should be the best one. The tools of treatment are only as good as the treating physician’s talent and skill.



Choosing The Right Physician:

Although we have special accommodation for our out of state and country patients, not everyone could come to our institution for treatment. I have made the following instructions to help you find the right physician.

Physician who diagnoses and treats Genital Anal Warts must have experience, education, and be up to date in the field. Look for a physician who is well known for successfully treating and removing HPV warts, and has extensive experience as well as an excellent track record of successful treatment. Don't get fooled by fancy websites and empty promises. Anyone could hire a professional webdesigner and hide behind bells and whistels.

Some appropriate questions to ask of a clinician include:

How confident is he or she in removing HPV warts?

What is his or her success rate? Is he or she able to prove that?

What is his or her regular cosmetic outcome?

Will Treated warts grow back?


Sexual Partner And HPV:

This is an important but often difficult topic to discuss. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, meaning transmission is through sexual contact. Only simple skin-to-skin contact is necessary for HPV infection, and while condoms may help reduce the chance of infection (and are greatly encouraged), they do not provide full protection. Patients often have many questions regarding their partners and this becomes even more complicated if a third party is involved (meaning the patient is infected by one partner and becomes concerned that he or she will infect his or her other partner). This is a topic that should be addressed with the treating physician so he or she can evaluate risk factors as well as offer options and means of protection.














We have seen numerous cases of patients who were victims of non-prescribe non-FDA approved marketed remedies for genital warts. We strongly advice against these applications. You will risk the worsening of your condition and facing giant grape/cauliflower shape genital warts or an increasing number of them in a short period of time.img