Your first shot is your best shot when treating genital/anal warts. It is imperative that you choose the right institution, physician, and method  to minimize recurrence and scar development.

Partially damaged warts as result of incomplete treatment and open wound and irritation would pass the virus  to surrounding tissue. Therefore,  you will have more new warts appear subsequently.  
Disfiguring scarring and warts mixed with scarring are much more difficult to treat. Permanent, unsightly scars cannot be reversed by “money-back guarantee” promises.
Choosing a clinic offering discounted services may save you money but also result in detrimental skin damage and low success rate, negatively impacting your health and life. Physician reputation and skill should be your top priority when choosing the right treatment in your country or your area.



We have treated tens of thousands of genital and anal warts with extremely high success rates. This means that with our technique your treated warts will be unlikely to grow back. Our innovative skill and technique of removing genital warts is exceptional with excellent possible cosmetic outcome and extremely high success rate. Our approach is reserved for complicated warts, oversized growths, and resistant genital and anal warts. Removal is done in our customized operative suite and performed under microscopy by Dr. Arani himself. Please review our Before and After Gallery to see some samples of our results.

Choosing The Right Physician:

Although we have special accommodation for our out of state and country patients, not everyone could come to our institution for treatment. I have made the following instructions to help you find the right physician.

Physician who diagnoses and treats Genital Anal Warts must have experience, education, and be up to date in the field. Look for a physician who is well known for successfully treating and removing HPV warts, and has extensive experience as well as an excellent track record of successful treatment. Don't get fooled by fancy websites and empty promises. Anyone could hire a professional web designer and hide behind bells and whistels.

Some appropriate questions to ask of a clinician include:

How confident is he or she in removing HPV warts?

What is his or her success rate? Is he or she able to prove that?

What is his or her regular cosmetic outcome?

Will Treated warts grow back?

Please refer to before and after page

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