Privacy, Our Signature: 

We are a private institution in one location of ~5000 sq feet with an inhouse private pharmacy, laboratory, surgical suit, and health workers. Unlike other corporate centers and chains with multi state networking. Your information will not appear in other places and could not be access by whoever has access code. Our institution is locked at non-operating hours under security of Monitronics company and other security prevision. Our genuine health care staff are not allowed to access any sensitive medical record or your test results without doctor (MD) permission.












Why We Don't Use Electronic Medical Record :


If there is one element in our practice that we are proud of is private record keeping. Digital records are easy to transfer and download in a fraction of time. Even the government has lost its own classified record by Wikileaks In November 2010/ Wikileaks was able to retract hundreds of thousands of documents digitally. PornWikileaks released STD history and diagnoses and real name of 14000-plus porn performers in 2011 from electronic database managed by a clinic. This event led to FBI investigation, however, the record was already out and confidentiality was breached. Although we respect and obey local and state law and department of health, we will continue to keep our patients record on paper which will be physically destroyed after specific time. It is harder and time and space consuming and more expensive to keep record on paper, however, it is difficult if not impossible to get searched and accessed by a trivial hacker.




We Do Not Accept Health Insurance :

We do not accept health insurance to maximize your privacy. Health insurance has access to your medical record if they get billed and pay for the service. It is obvious that they want to know your diagnosis and your testing and treatment when physician request for reimbursement for their services. Your health information will be submitted in form of digital code (ICD, CPT ) to third party payer and in many instances they could request copy of full medical record to review the nature of your visit.

















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