Your first shot is your best shot when treating genital/anal warts. It is imperative that you choose the right institution, physician, and method  to minimize recurrence and scar development. Disfiguring scarring and warts mixed with scarring are much more difficult to treat.  Permanent, unsightly scars cannot be reversed by “money-back guarantee” promises.
Choosing a clinic offering discounted services may save you money but also result in detrimental skin damage and low success rate, negatively impacting your health and life. Physician reputation and skill should be your top priority when choosing the right treatment in your country or your area. Dr. Arani’s skills and artistry work are the hallmark of our center’s reputation and name.

For Anogenital warts treatment. We primarily specialize in and focus on treating HPV genital warts and other STD-related conditions. We don't treat other skin conditions such as moles or skin tags. Most of our patients can be treated in only one session with our innovative technique.

Differences At A Glance
  Our Institution Others
Treatment Method 3 Step Micro Destruction Freezing, Acid, Cream, Laser
Success Rate
Very High, treated individual warts unlikely to grow back
Lower, Higher relapse rate
The Artistic Difference
Minimal to no scar, great cosmetic outcome. See our Before & After Photos
Collateral damages, scar, treatment area become more visible than the wart itself
Pain Painless & Bloodless Freezing, Acid, Laser usually cause a lot of discomfort
Physician Meet Dr. Arani Treating nurse or physician assistant or doctors treat other skin condition as well











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