Dr. Siavash Arani is an author and medical doctor who focuses his practice on diagnosing and treating sexually transmitted diseases. By accomplishing his medical graduate clinical training at the prestigious Mayo Clinic Hospital and Maricopa Medical Center, he received a faculty appointment at Loma Linda University School of Medicine (Loma Linda, CA) as an Instructor of Medicine. He was later appointed as assistant clinical professor of medicine at LLU. His passion for improving the health care delivery process as well as his great interest in public health and epidemic disease subsequently lead to his interest in sexually transmitted diseases. He then went on to found one of the largest STD institutions in California and the United States, using a new revolutionary approach complemented by quality patient care and an environment where common medical care inconveniences are minimized. He quickly became well known in his field and has been chosen by many news and media networks to give expert input as a forefront physician in the diagnosis and treatment of STDs and human papillomavirus. His innovative approach of treating HPV warts with new ideology and high success rate has made him a pioneer and internationally recognized physician in the field. He is a firm believer that patient education is one the most important aspects of successfully treating medical conditions and he has shared his knowledge through various media and publications. Dr. Arani's book, HPV, The Silent Intruder, published in 2013 of being the first easy understanding and in depth review of Human papilloma Virus consistent of 19 chapters. To this date,  he has treated thousands of patients with HPV, from the United States and throughout the world, with a high success rate.

“I was always perplexed, during the evaluation and treatment of HPV patients, why we were seeing patients over and over for treatment of the same individual warts. At that point, I realized that the destruction of genital warts was one thing while the prevention of relapses was another. Today, experience is the main contributor to my success of treating tens of thousands of HPV patients to this date. As a patient with genital warts, you must read, get educated, know the pathophysiology of your condition, and always explore your options before wisely choosing the best treatment." S. Arani, M.D.





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